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The Best Way to Clean Your Walk-in Refrigeration


Maintain your walk-in refrigeration system regardless as to whether it is a cooler or a freezer.

Helpful tip: Remember to shut off your circuit breaker while cleaning your walk-in to avoid any accidents or injury!

Clean the condensing coil twice a year

Dirt and dust can build up on these components over time so it is important to regularly clean them, especially if your walk-in cooler is located outside. Use an industrial vacuum and wet cloth to clean these components safely and properly. Not only can many industrial vacuums suck up dirt and debris but many can be set to blow air and you can use this feature to remove dust and dirt from small, hard to reach crevices.

Clean the evaporator coil twice a year

Evaporator coils collect sediment over time. Cleaning and removing this sediment requires using a special evaporator cleaning solution. Remove the bottom of pan of your evaporator coil and clean this with your evaporator cleaning solution. Follow the specific directions on your solution when cleaning the tubing and coils themselves.

Clear out drain lines once a year

Drain lines can become clogged over time. Both debris and mold can build up in drain lines. Drain lines tend to be difficult to clean so it is best to work with a qualified technician to ensure that drain lines are free and clear of build up.

Clean the inside of your walk-in unit but avoid using certain harsh chemicals

Certain cleaners and chemicals can damage the metal surface of your walk-in. It is best to use a soap and water combination for cleaning. It is better to clean your cooler more often with a gentle solution than infrequently with a harsh cleanser. Hard water stains can be removed with a simple vinegar mixture while any mold or mildew can be handled with bleach and water. Be sure not to leave any puddles of liquid in your walk-in. Puddles can lead to mold growth or even accidents and injuries.

Clean the door gaskets of your walk-in annually

Clean your walk-in door gaskets using a soft cloth with soap and water. Removing any build up from your gaskets allows your door to seal properly. After cleaning, you can apply a vinyl preservative to extend the life of your door gaskets.

Please contact Avalonair if you have any questions about the best way to clean and maintain your walk-in unit. Following the steps above will help your walk-in unit work to the best of its ability but it is also important to regularly have a technician come out and inspect your walk-in for anything you may have missed. You can use our contact form or alternatively, give us a call on 917-207-7167.

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